Quick tennis betting guide for first time punters

Tennis betting is one of the best ways to learn the intricacies of online gaming.

Many punters find that betting on tennis is very similar to horse racing. There is form to study and conditions to take into account. So, with this in mind, here are four easy steps for betting on tennis with StanJames.com

1. Pick your tournament

There can be as many as four or five tournaments each week when tennis season reaches its peak and smart punters pick one before delving into the odds. If you want consistency then usually the men — whose matches are more dominated by serves than women — are where you’ll find fewer upsets. In women’s tournaments and draws, almost anything can happen and that’s what makes it so great!

2. Choose a winner

Even if you’re looking to bet in-play, backing a winner for the tournament is always a good idea. It means you can follow someone throughout and even bet against them if they look like they’re crashing out. Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are of course great bets on the hard courts, while the Spaniards and South Americans should be backed for clay.

3. Target those first-round Accas

Those who bet on football know how great accumulators are. Your £1 bet can turn into hundreds if you’re lucky. And Tennis Accas are the same. Rarely do high seeds lose in the first rounds — after all they’re usually playing a non-ranked opponent. Accumulators are great because you cam lump together six or seven sure-fire favourites and bulk up the odds with less risk.

4. In-play tennis betting

Betting in-play can take some getting used to. You’ve got to remember winning an exciting rally could mean nothing in the context of the match. So, the best bets here are predicting when a break of serve will occur. Breaks are the big swings that decide winners and losers and, if one guy is struggling to see out their service games, bet on them to lose the next one.
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