Should I bet on Test cricket?

Cricket betting is massive in the UK and it’s time for you to join the online community as well.

Do you ever wonder which form of cricket is best to bet on? Well, you’re not alone! Finding the right version of the game can greatly help your betting technique.

It’s the same as horse racing betting, where punters have their specialities. Some love flat racing while others are strictly hurdles. cricket enthusiasts have the same dilemmas — so what should you bet on?

Twenty20 betting for the big guns

If you love a slog over the boundary then T20 betting is for you. You get the same buzz from a wicket or a six as fans get from a goal when betting on football.

The great thing about T20 is that it lasts a strict number of overs. You can predict when a team needs to turn up the heat or take it steady. Bet on wickets in T20 and you should be able to develop a good nous for the game.

Bet on the Test match

Take your time with this one. We mean it — with five days to make those bets, it would be wise not to rush! Test match betting is great for those who love to relax and watch the world go by. A small, pre-match bet on the winner is always advisable but punters can also make good money on other bets.

First-wicket stands are always worth considering. Whoever wins the toss has a huge advantage in many Test matches and, if they elect to bowl, expect those stumps to fly early on.

Considered one-day bets

One-day betting stands in the middle of T20 and Test. You’ve got to predict periods of mundanity and impact overs at the same time. A good one-day batsman will seek to settle down in the first few overs and then start searching for the boundary.

So, take your time with this one and bet in-play on runs per over once a partnership has developed out in the oval.
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