StanJames horse racing results

All the very latest horses racing results, winning times, Tote dividends, SPs and going descriptions from the UK, Ireland and racecourses worldwide are right here at the home of horseracing, With 34 racecourses in the UK alone, you can watch all the latest race replays from the comfort of your own home.

Our racing results are from Chelmsford, Chepstow, Doncaster, Epsom, and Laytown amongst many others and are updated every minute to allow you to make the best bets based on the data available. When you’ve got online bets on horses and want to find out how you did, StanJames is the place to be where you will find instant horse racing results.

Up-to-date live horseracing data

With constantly updated live data, results and changes, StanJames gives you an insight into what’s happening as the action unfolds. As you know horseracing information changes in a heartbeat – penalties, weather, carry weights and odds to mention a few – If it’s going to affect you and your bet your will want to know about it.

Unless you have this up-to-date live data and live streaming, it’s like betting in the dark without having all the necessary information to make that bet successful based on the right tactics and betting tips.

Watch the action unfold before your eyes

Sometimes you just can’t make it to the racetrack and be able to watch all the horseracing action live. Rest assured though that you can always be in the know with what is happening at the horse racing tracks with us.

The ultimate horseracing experience is available at the click of a button using the latest technology for safe and secure online betting. StanJames offers real-time, multi-race live streaming race games and replays which can be enjoyed both online and on the go on your phone or tablet.